Fight breaks out in Jordanian parliament amid debate over constitutional reform

A fight broke out in Jordanian parliament today during a live-streamed debate regarding constitutional reforms.

Several deputies had discussed a draft amendment, which would add the Arabic female noun for a Jordanian citizen into a chapter in the constitution on equal rights, on December 28. 

But MPs angrily shouted it was ‘useless’ during the heated debate in the House of Representatives in Jordan’s capital Amman, which was broadcast live on Al-Mamlaka television channel.

The short clip, which has been viewed over 60,000 times on Twitter, shows MPs punching and shoving each other whilst arguing and exchanging furious insults. One MP fell to the ground during the melee.

A row between Deputy Suleiman Abu Yahya and parliament House Speaker Abdul Karim Dughmi escalated during the session, which caused it to descend into a fight.

Mr Abu Yahya accused Mr Dughmi of being “unable to run the show” and claimed he knew “nothing”. In response, Mr Dughmi angrily said: “Shut up and leave the hall” and after a few moments walked out.

Amendments proposed to the constitution by a royal commission this year would give MPs the power to choose the prime minister. Several MPs angrily disputed the amendment as ‘useless’. Dughmi walked out and the session was adjourned to Wednesday. No-one was injured during the brawl.




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