Second time capsule reportedly recovered from Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond

The much-anticipated second time capsule researchers were waiting for has been recovered from the base of the now-removed Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond, Virginia.

Historians had been anticipating the uncovering of the time capsule, and the recovery and opening of the historical artifact was live streamed to viewers around the world.

State historic resources director Julie Langan told the Washington Post, the “widespread fascination with the history of the time capsule was ‘the most moving part for me’.” Historians had found hints that a rare photograph of Abraham Lincoln in his casket was inside the capsule, which was entombed in the base of the Robert E. Lee statue in 1887.

When the capsule was opened, the contents were carefully removed, and revealed the historical haul. As the dozens of items were revealed, they were checked against an inventory that was created at the time of the time capsule’s burial.

The contents included a Civil War bullet, a Virginia state seal, a shell fragment from the battle of Fredericksburg, a pair of books wrapped and prepared for mailing and a note to deliver them to a local Masonic leader, William B. Isaacs, if no one picked them up, a small Bible with an 1883 dime stuck to the cover, and a collection of documents from the Chamber of Commerce. The photograph of Lincoln turned out to be a folded photo of a woman mourning at Lincoln’s casket.

Last week, workers found another time capsule, which was initially thought to be the one historians were looking for, but turned out to be an additional capsule enshrined in the base of the monument by workers who built it.

The first capsule contained books, some coins, an 1887 almanac, and a cloth envelope. The Robert E. Lee statue was removed in September after protesters turned the pedestal into a graffiti-covered symbol for racial equality four years ago.




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