TikTok takes Google’s no. 1 spot as most popular website in 2021

According to web security and performance company Cloudflare’s 2021 findings, TikTok surged ahead of giant competitor Google and others to take its position as the most popular site of 2021.

The video-sharing platform’s meteoric rise took it from the number 7 spot in 2020 to the top of the overall list this year, surpassing other mammoths such as Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon. Its peak was in January of 2021, which is likely attributed to the pandemic lockdown. TikTok flipped positions with Facebook this year in the social media category, knocking the Meta platform from its top rank in 2020.

Other front runners in 2021 were Netflix, which Cloudflare called “a Squid Game of its own,” referring to the streaming juggernaut’s far-and-away number one spot in the streaming services category, making it still undefeated. It beat out YouTube, Disney Plus, and Hulu, among others in the category.

Cloudflare collects data from September to December of each year for its annual list using “a range of data … about global Internet traffic patterns.”




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