FBI agents under investigation for allegedly soliciting prostitutes during overseas assignment

Four FBI agents have been placed under investigation by the Office of the Inspector General for allegedly soliciting sex from prostitutes and trafficking drugs while on official business overseas.

Two of the suspects have resigned, two have retired, and one has been placed on administrative leave since the allegations were brought. None of the six have been named, but according to the OIG, all six have violated FBI and Department of Justice policies.

Specifically, the OIG report alleges four of the suspects solicited, procured, and accepted sex from prostitutes while on duty in another country, and lied about it when they returned.

The report alleges a fifth suspect “solicited commercial sex overseas,” while a a sixth suspect knew of the violations and failed to report it. The report also accuses one of the suspects of giving another official “approximately 100 white pills” to transport to a foreign country.

The report further elaborates on the coverup efforts by the six agents, explaining, “During the investigation, four of the FBI officials “lacked candor about their interactions with prostitutes and other misconduct during OIG compelled interviews and compelled polygraph examinations.”

The report adds that one suspect  “made false statements in an OIG compelled interview and compelled polygraph examination in violation of federal law, when the official denied having engaged in sex acts with a prostitute.” The OIG has forwarded its report to the FBI for appropriate action.




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