Higher crime rates across the US are a large concern for voters, new Fox Business survey shows

As crime rates continue to soar across the country, a new Fox Business survey finds almost 8 in 10 registered voters (77 percent) are “extremely” or “very” concerned about the surge.

The only issue more pressing is inflation (84 percent “extremely” or “very” concerned). Voters are also troubled, to a slightly lesser degree, about taxes (71 percent), the deficit (69 percent), coronavirus (68 percent), and being able to pay bills (63 percent).

While an overwhelming majority are concerned about crime nationally, that falls to about half when asked about criminal activity in their neighborhood (48 percent concerned vs. 51 percent not concerned). That is relatively unchanged from the September and October Fox News surveys (each with a 50-49 percent split).

The pandemic remains the top concern for Democrats (81 percent) followed by inflation (75 percent) and higher crime rates (67 percent) while for Republicans inflation (91 percent), crime rates (84 percent) and taxes (83 percent) round out their top three.

When asked to choose from a list of factors that they think is causing rising crime rates, 1 in 5 voters select a “breakdown of moral values” (21 percent). There are mixed views among an array of other reasons driving crime; weaker criminal penalties (15 percent), the availability of guns (13 percent), decreased police funding (12 percent), effects of the pandemic (11 percent), and mental health issues (10 percent). The lack of good jobs and more illegal immigration (6 percent each) are less likely to be seen as the primary cause of increased criminal activity.

Democrats are most likely to cite the availability of guns (26 percent), while for Republicans the top reason is the breakdown of moral values (27 percent) [FOX News].



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