Judge asks for ‘understanding’ over video of allegedly racist language, claims to have ‘zero recollection’

In a video surfaced this week from the home of a Louisiana judge with racist language that could be heard in the background.

Lafayette City Court Judge Michelle Odinet confirmed the incident took place in her home over the weeked, as people gathered to watch security footage of a failed burglary (USA Today).

Multiple speakers, who are not seen in the video, were heard saying the n word. The particular attempted burglary that was being observed took place on Saturday morning at Odinet’s home, which was recorded on her security system. Odinet said in a statement to The Daily Advertiser on Tuesday that she and her family had been victims of an armed robbery, though police commented that there was no evidence of a weapon involved.

A 59 year old black man was arrested and charged with two counts of simple burglary as a result of the incident.

Odinate commented on the racist language in the video saying, “I was given a sedative at the time of the video. I have zero recollection of the video and the disturbing language used during it. Anyone who knows me and my husband, knows this is contrary to the way we live our lives.”

According to CNN, it is not known who recorded the video from inside the Odinet home, or how it reached the public eye. However, Odinet has since taken unpaid leave and is faced with pressure to resign.

“We call now for her immediate and uncompromising resignation, failing same, we demand swift and immediate act by the Judiciary Committee of the Louisiana Supreme Court, removing her from office,” the Lafayette NAACP Chapter President, Michael Toussain, announced in a statement. The call for resignation has been echoed by many groups, including the Louisiana Legislative Blac Caucus.




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