Saint Louis University student may be suspended for hanging up posters for Matt Walsh event

A Saint Louis University student faces possible suspension or expulsion after putting up posters off campus for a Matt Walsh event.

James Dowling, a junior at SLU, was notified that he would have to attend a disciplinary hearing for refusing to stop posting the flyers (Washington Examiner). Dowling was accused of being “confrontational” and “disrespectful” to school administrators. 

In a virtual pre-hearing, assistant director for the Office of Student Responsibility and Community Standards William Bowey told Dowling that his actions were being reviewed for a possible violation of the university’s student code of conduct. This violation may result in suspension or expulsion.

During the pre-hearing, Dowling tried to tell administrators that on the day of the event he was posting flyers at a location not on school grounds. This is where he was approached by a pair of school administrators.

As Dowling and Bowey continued to discuss the situation, Bowey addressed the issue of location by saying, “that would be a matter for the hearing.” In the hearing, Bowey will be the sole decider of if a violation took place and what the punishment would be if necessary.

Dowling told the Young America’s Foundation, “During the encounter, there was no doubt in my mind that the administrators were both outside their realm of control and acting out of personal political bias. I don’t know why I’m under investigation for this ordeal. I think SLU should be investing their time into investigating their bully administrators instead.”

The university is claiming that because of the disciplinary status associated with the school’s College Republicans club, they should not be allowed to post any advertisements anywhere. They had been previously put on disciplinary status for posting “What is a Woman?” on Instagram.

According to the Young America’s Foundation, “the school, which clearly has a vendetta, is attempting to schedule an official conduct hearing during finals week.” Matt Walsh has since commented about the incident on Twitter, telling SLU to “leave this student alone.”




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