Artist’s Instagram account, @metaverse, blocked after Meta rebranding

Australian artist and technologist, Thea-Mai Baumann, found her Instagram account @metaverse blocked just five days after Facebook changed its name to Meta.

According to the New York Times, Baumann started the account in 2012, using the name associated with her artwork. She used the Instagram account to document her time studying the fine arts in Brisbane, her travels to Shanghai, and her company Metaverse Makeovers.

When Facebook made the name change announcement on October 28th. After the announcement, Baumann received hundreds of comments and messages from people wanting to buy her instagram handle. Some said she would become rich from the compensation Facebook would surely give her for the name. Others thought Facebook would just take the name from her.

On November 2nd, Baumann attempted to log in to her Instagram account only to find a message stating “your account has been blocked for pretending to be someone else.” She tried to verify her identity on Instagram, but never received a response. Additionally, she could only afford a lawyer to review Instagram’s terms of service.

An instagram spokesperson has since responded to the situation publicly saying the account was “incorrectly removed for impersonation” and that “we’re sorry this error occurred.”

On December 4th, her account was back online. Instagram has not offered any other explanations for the issue, and has not confirmed if the error was related to the company’s name change. Baumman has expressed her worry saying, “Because I have been working in the metaverse space for so long, 10 years, I just feel worried.” 




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