Final accuser takes stand at Ghislaine Maxwell trial, uses real name for first time

The prosecution rested their case as the final accuser took the stand to testify against Ghislaine Maxwell, who was a known partner of Jeffrey Epstein. She accused Maxwell and Epstein of forcing themselves on her when she was only 16 years old.

Friday, Annie Farmer told the jury that she was invited to Epstein’s New Mexico ranch in 1996 (CBS News). She accepted the invitation under the impression that Maxwell and Epstein could aid her in achieving her academic goals. This encounter resulted in the two of them making unwanted sexual advances toward Farmer.

The trial began two weeks ago, in which Maxwell has continued to deny the charges against her. Maxwell, who is 59, has been charged with grooming underage girls for Epstein. However, her lawyers claim that the government is using her as a scapegoat for the crimes committed by her ex boyfriend and have moved for acquittal. This request was denied.

Over the course of the trial, three other women have testified that Maxwell recruited them to help her give Epstein massages, which then resulted in sexual abuse. Unlike the past three accusers, Farmer took the stand using her real name.

She recounted her experience with Epstein and Maxwell, stating she initially felt more comfortable with her present, but quickly realized that Epstein did not try to hide his advances from Maxwell. 

The prosecution also brought Farmer’s ex boyfriend and mother forward as witnesses. Both reported Farmer being “quiet and withdrawn” after her trip to New Mexico. After hearing the prosecution, the jury will return Thursday to hear the defense’s case, which will likely last a few days. 




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