Border Patrol agent assaulted by armed migrant carrying handgun, machete, other weapons

According to information obtained in a tweet from the El Centro Sector Chief Patrol Agent Gregory Bovino, an armed migrant assaulted a border patrol agent.

The agent was able to subdue the man, even though he attempted to reach for his machete during the altercation.

“#ARMED subject assaults #USBP agent. Our agent was assaulted by a man carrying several weapons in his backpack. During the encounter, the man tried to reach for a machete. The agent was able to subdue the subject w/o incident. We also found a loaded handgun in his pant pocket.” The other items included wire cutters, a rope, a hatchet, a two radio and what looks like a monocular range finder.

According to Breitbart, more than 200 border patrol officials were assaulted during Fiscal Year 2021. That equates to exactly more than 200 too many.

Just a few days after the El Centro sector assault, roughly 730 miles to the east in the Big Bend Sector of Texas, another CBP agent was assaulted during an apprehension near Van Horn. 

According to a press release from the CBP: “While apprehending a group of five subjects early in the morning of Nov. 27th, one subject forcefully resisted arrest and punched the agent in the face in an attempt to get away.

He subsequently tried to disarm the agent as they struggled, but was unsuccessful. The subject was subdued and taken in to custody without further incident. The aggressor and agent were evaluated by medical professionals and found to have minor injuries that did not require further attention.

“Border Patrol Agents are highly trained federal law enforcement officers,” said Big Bend Sector Acting Chief Patrol Agent Chris T. Clem. “Encounters like this highlight the potential dangers faced in the course of their duties, even with the COVID-19 Pandemic, smugglers keep bringing people and contraband into the United States illegally, adding to the risk and I commend the agent for his actions in the face of adversity.’”




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