Donald Trump says he has “nothing to hide” from January 6 committee, denies involvement in riot

Former President Donald Trump claimed that a speech he gave to supporters on January 6 before the Capitol riot was “extremely calming.”

“I have nothing to hide,” Trump told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Friday night, referring to the congressional panel investigating the Capitol riot. “I wasn’t involved in that and if you look at my words and what I said in the speech, they were extremely calming, actually.”

In the interview with Laura Ingraham on Friday, Trump said the events on January 6 were a “protest” and that the hundreds of arrested rioters were “innocent”; “It was a protest. The insurrection took place on November 3rd, which was election day. This was a protest and a lot of innocent people are being hurt. A lot of innocent people are being injured,” he said.

Trump also discussed his attempts to try and prevent the January 6 select committee from obtaining a tranche of executive branch documents relating to their investigation. The former president asserted executive privilege over several of the documents. On Thursday, a federal appeals court ruled against Trump’s request to block the committee from obtaining records.

Speaking to Laura Ingraham, Trump said he had “nothing to hide” but was asserting executive privilege as a principle. “The biggest loser would be Biden, because if it ever changes, and I think it will, then he won’t be able to use it with respect to Hunter [Biden] and all of the things that are going on that are so terrible. So I would think that he’d want to see this upheld, frankly,” Trump said.

It’s not clear what the former president was referring to about President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Trump also criticized congresswoman Liz Cheney, who is one of only two Republicans on the January 6 congressional committee. The former president called her a “warmonger” and “not a Republican.” He added, “I call it the un-select committee of Democrat partisans, it’s ridiculous what’s going on that” [Business Insider].



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