Chris Christie says it’s ‘undeniable’ he got COVID-19 from Donald Trump

Former GOP governor of New Jersey Chris Christie blamed former President Donald Trump for passing along the coronavirus to him last year.

In an interview, Christie said he came down with a serious case of COVID-19 after helping the former president prepare for presidential debates.

“We knew everybody in the room except for the president was getting tested every day. We didn’t know what the president’s testing regimen was,” said Christie on PBS’s Firing Line on Thursday. He added, “Trump should have told all of us.”

Christie, who has had both a critical and friendly relationship with Trump, also said the former president’s chief of staff Mark Meadows hid Trump’s positive test result for several days. “He had an obligation to tell us … I would’ve worn a mask if I knew that,” said Christie during the interview.

“So fi Mark Meadows knew that somebody that I was sitting across from for four days had popped a positive test, he as the White House chief of staff, putting aside the president for a second – obviously, the president is my friend – he should’ve looked at me and told me that,” he continued. “But I think what’s less obvious is that Mark Meadows saved this for his book. He saved it for a book.”

Christie added that the former chief of staff did not tell him about the timeline of the positive test even when he was in the hospital with the illness.

Meadows apparently revealed in his new book, The Chief’s Chief, that the president tested positive on September 26, which was six days before Trump announced it to the public and a week prior to Christie testing positive himself. Christie spent a week in the intensive care unit as a result of his case. 




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