Denver City Council votes to ban most flavored vape products by 2023

The Denver City Council voted this week to ban most flavored vaping products, including flavored chewing tobacco, vaping products and menthol cigarettes by July 2023.

When the ban goes into effect, adults in Denver will only be able to purchase flavored tobacco or vape products in hookah lounges or businesses that sell handmade cigars or flavored pipe tobacco. Lawmakers have debated the measure for months, and finally passed the bill on Monday night.

Proponents of the ban argue the proposal is aimed primarily at curbing teenage tobacco use and addiction, which has become an ongoing medical concern across the United States, even being called an ‘epidemic’ by the Surgeon General in 2019.

According to tobaccofreekids.org, 1 in 5 high school aged children are using e-cigarettes, and informs parents on its website, “Studies have found that most youth e-cigarette users use flavored products and say they use these products “because they come in flavors I like.” These flavors hide the fact that e-cigarettes can deliver massive doses of nicotine, which is a highly addictive drug.”

Those opposed to the measure have turned up at council meetings for several months, citing various reasons for their position, including the owners of businesses that rely heavily on the sale of vaping products, and members of religious and minority communities who argued that they would be disproportionately affected by the ban.

The cigar and pipe tobacco amendment was added when the council agreed that youths do not typically smoke cigars or pipes. Hookah lounges are also exempt due to the cultural significance of flavored tobacco in hookahs.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is expected to take a few days to consider the bill and make a decision on whether to sign it into law.




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