Biden administration to return Texas family’s land that was seized for border wall construction

Land belonging to a Texas family was seized earlier this year for the construction of the border wall between the United States and Mexico. President Joe Biden is set to return the land to the Cavazos family after years of conflict. 

The Cavazos family has been going against the federal government in an effort to preserve their land. The plot was passed on to them prior to the point at which the Rio Grande river became an international border in Southern Texas.

A nonprofit organization called the Texas Civil Rights Project is representing the family, and the firm tweeted on Tuesday that their client, Eloisa Cavazos, had her land returned “after fighting against the government’s seizure and border wall construction since 2018.”

The group continued, “Now that we have successfully stopped the construction of a needles sand wasteful border wall on their property, Ms Cavazos and her family will be able to continue their quiet and fulfilling life beside the Rio Grande.”

Both the Bush and Obama administrations had pressured the family for their 6.5-acre property, but as Donald Trump looked to build a border well, the Cavazos family chose to delay court proceedings. A federal judge ruled in April that the Trump administration could take “immediate possession” of their land. 

Months later, though, the government decided to give the Cavazos family their land back after reaching an agreement. The family had previously been hoping to end the several year battle as Biden pledged to not continue the construction of the border wall.

Ms Cavazos gave a statement to CNN, saying, “I would like to thank my cousin, Rey Anzaldua, my brother, Alfredo Cavazos, and my sister, Baudilia Rodriguez for their continued support and tireless efforts through the process of redeeming our family’s land these past four years resulting in this unbelievably positive outcome.” 




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