Walmart fired security guard shortly after he was shot by shoplifter in 2020, report claims

According to reports, a Walmart security guard who was shot by a shoplifter back in December 2020 was fired soon after returning to work at the store in East Point. 

Brad Scurry had been talking to an accused shoplifter when he was shot and over the last year the security guard has been recovering. After being shot, Scurry was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery as the bullet went through his arm, then his chest, and had fragments of the bullet lacerated in multiple organs.

Scurry survived and was able to go back to work. Many expressed their support for him being brave enough to even go back to work after being shot. Soon after returning to work, Scurry was asked to attend an interview with management regarding the event.

Scurry explained that a manager had accused him of not following the company’s protocol when he was shot. He was later fired after he told a protester, who he said was antagonizing him outside the store to “shut up.” Scurry admitted to his actions, taking full responsibility, but he did not think that it was a fireable offense.

He added that while his medical bills were paid through worker’s compensation and he received $17,000 making up for lost wages. Scurry said he is now facing eviction; “I was there protecting Walmart’s interest. Disposable, that’s not something anyone wants to feel. I did everything above and beyond what I could do for you and you return my commitment with the bare minimum.”

Scurry said he and his sister, Dawn Scurry-Thompson, held no ill feelings towards the man that shot him. Scurry’s sister said: “It’s hard to be angry at someone who’s that desperate and honestly, I’m thankful my brother is still here and he still gets to fight.”

Scurry added: “I don’t think he intended to cause any more damage to escape the situation. I hope he has support and I hope he doesn’t vilify himself. I just hope he makes the next right decision.”

Jail records show that the accused shooter and shoplifter, Tyler Cortez Johnson, remains incarcerated. He was issued a $50,000 bond for the aggravated assault charge and bonds of $5,000 each for the lesser charges. 




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