Woman charged with murder of NYC man found with ‘I touch little girls’ written on chest

On Monday, a woman was charged with the murder of an 80-year-old Staten Island man. According to police, the man was found in the hallway of his apartment building with “I touch little girls” written on his chest. 

Rene Ayarde, 28-years-old, was charged with the murder, and she once lived in the same Tompkinsville building as the victim, Robert Raynor. She was apprehended in New Jersey on November 12 before being extradited to New York City and charged with murder, manslaughter, and assault charges in the killing of Raynor, which took place on July 19.

Raynor’s neighbor Isaac Williams said that when Raynor was found, he was wearing only a pair of pants, which were down below his waist. Williams and authorities said the phrase “I touch little girls” was written in what appeared to be black marker across Raynor’s chest.

Two other lines were also found written on Raynor’s body, including, “I take dolls in my room for girls age 1-5” on his stomach and “I touch” on his right foot. So far, no motive has been determined by police in the murder.

The day of the murder, Ayarde was arrested for child abuse, after allegedly beating her three-year-old daughter, but she was not charged. Raynor had 24 prior arrests on his record, none of which were related to child sex abuse or pedophilia.

His daughter, Carolyn Whetstone, said that her father “would not touch a child” and was not a pedophile. She also said her father had arthritis and was suffering from cancer, so he would not have been able to assault anyone.

“That’s not my father. He would not touch a child. He would never violate anyone,” Whetstone said. “He’s got daughters and granddaughters that he’s watched when he’s come to visit me. That’s not him. That’s not true.” 




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