Former Gov. Chris Christie says Trump administration ‘didn’t get a lot of stuff done’

Former Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) sternly criticized President Trump’s administration, saying it “didn’t get a lot of stuff done,” Axios reports.

Christie stated: “Like, let’s just go through the list of things. The wall isn’t built. Obamacare is still there. We didn’t get an infrastructure package done that we wanted, so now we’re stuck with theirs.”

He added: “And that’s a problem. That management style is a problem. I have no problem in the main with the policies that were followed by the Trump administration, that they attempted to implement. I really think they were very, very solid.”

“That’s not the point. The point is you’ve got to be able to get it done,” Christie said.

Christie is on a press tour after publishing his new book, “Republican Rescue: Saving the Party From Truth Deniers, Conspiracy Theorists, and the Dangerous Policies of Joe Biden.”

Christie has also been critical of Trump’s claims that the 2020 election was “rigged” by Democrats and insists that Trump and the GOP need to abandon their lies about the last election in order to move forward.

“The former president of the United States, who’s ostensibly the leader of the Republican Party, is still talking about an election that happened 13 months ago that he lost,” Christie said




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