Donald Trump says he wants to debate politicians, editors in live TV special on election fraud

Former President Donald Trump released a statement through his chief spokesperson in which he brought up his loss in the 2020 election.

He also called politicians and leading editors for a public debate over his claims that current President Joe Biden only won by election fraud.

Liz Harrington shared his statement on Twitter, which opened by saying, “The Fake news Media cannot stand the fact that so many people in our Country know the truth, that the 2020 Election was rigged and stolen, yet almost every article written contains the words the ‘Big Lie’ or ‘unsubstantiated facts,’ etc., always trying to demean the real results.”

He added, “I am willing to challenge the heads of the various papers or even far left politicians, who have perpetuated the Real big Lie, which is voter irregularities and fraud on a massive and determinative scale.” 

Trump included an invitation to a debate over his claims: “If anyone would like a public debate on the facts, not the fiction, please let me know. It will be a ratings bonanza for television!”

The former president has been unrelenting in sticking to his claim that he won the election, even as the results showed that he lost the popular vote by more than 7 million and by 306-232 in the electoral college. Even fellow Republicans along with legal experts have disputed Trump’s assertion of election fraud, saying there was none.

So far, no one has responded to Trump’s call for debate, but Pennsylvania’s attorney general, Josh Shapiro, tweeted a reminder to the former president that the election fraud claim has been struck down in the court of law more than once.

“I’m pretty sure we had this debate in court,” he wrote. “In fact, we had it dozens of times – and I won. If Trump and his handlers need a reminder of the facts, the court records of their losses are widely available.” 




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