POLL: Over 75% of Americans say inflation is affecting them personally, 60% blame Biden

77% percent of Americans say that inflation is personally affecting their lives, and a majority are blaming President Biden for the high prices, according to a recent new poll.

According to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll conducted from Nov. 17 to 19, 77 percent of respondents say inflation has recently affected them to some extent, with 37 percent saying inflation has impacted them “a great deal,” and 40 percent believe it has had “some” impact.

More than 6 in 10 (61 percent) say the same about the ongoing supply chain crisis that has resulted in the “shortages of goods and services.” Seventeen percent say the shortage of goods has impacted them “a great deal,” while 44 percent say it has had “some” impact on their personal lives.

The poll also found that 51 percent of Americans are worried that they “won’t be able to afford what they need during the holidays due to inflation,” while 45 percent fear they “won’t be able to get what they need” ​due to the ​supply chain ​disruption.

Furthermore, 46 percent of Democrats are nearly as worried compared to 60 percent of Republicans about inflation. On shortages affecting their holiday purchases, 41 percent of Democrats said they are worried, while half of the Republicans say the same.

When asked how much each of the following are to blame for the cause of the current inflation, 80 percent of Americans say the disruptions caused by the COVID, with 49 percent saying the pandemic has caused “a great deal,” and 31 percent are saying it bears “some” blame. Meanwhile, 57 percent are pinning the blame on Biden as 39 percent say the president deserves “a great deal” of responsibility while 18 percent believe he deserves “some” blame.

But when asked whether COVID or Biden deserves “the most” blame, 35 percent of Americans pinned the blame on Biden while 30 percent faulted the COVID pandemic. Many economists, especially Obama’s former Treasury Secretary Larry Summer, have also blamed Biden for forcing a $1.9 trillion stimulus relief package earlier this year at a time the economy was turning the page from the pandemic for overheating the economy that stroked inflation to the fastest yearly pace in more than three decades.

Nearly all Republicans, 90 percent place “some” blame on Biden for causing inflation, while 73 percent overwhelmingly said the president deserves “the most” blame. Two-thirds of independents (65 percent) say Biden deserves at least “some” of the blame.




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