Approximately 80 masked looters allegedly hit San Francisco-area Nordstrom, assault staff

On Saturday night, dozens of looters rushed into a Nordstrom store and took merchandise in a raid that was over in under a minute according to police in Walnut Creek, California. Around 80 people ran into the store in the city’s Broadway Plaza.

A police spokesperson said that an employee was pepper-sprayed, and two others were punched and kick during the raid. All three individuals sustained minor injuries and were able to be treated and released at the scene. Suspects were going in and out of the store, which was open at the time of the event, and within a minute, they had taken an undetermined amount of store merchandise. 

Jodi Hernandez, a reporter for NBC Bay Area, was in the area when the raid occurred, she tweeted that about 25 cars blocked the street. “#Breaking,” she wrote, “About 25 cars just blocked the street and rushed into the Walnut Creek Nordstrom making off with goods before getting into cars [and] speeding away. At least two people arrested at gunpoint.”

A video that she took and posted with the tweet showed officers arresting and handcuffing some of the looters, and one officer can be seen pointing a weapon at a driver.

Three have been arrested in connection to the incident, police said. Two were arrested at the scene on suspicion of burglary, conspiracy, robbery, and possession of stolen property. One of the two also had a firearm and faces a weapons charge. A third individual was found shortly after the raid and is now facing charges.

Brett Barrett works at a nearby restaurant in Walnut Creek, and he told NBC Bay Area that he witnessed 50 to 80 people wearing ski masks and carrying crowbars. “I had to start locking the front door, the back door,” he said. “you never know, they could have come right in here.” Police said the incident was not related to protests that have occurred across the country over the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse.




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