Gun rights organization pledges to gift Kyle Rittenhouse with AR-15

On Friday, a gun rights organization pledged to donate an AR-15 to Kyle Rittenhouse following the jury’s verdict acquitting him of all charges. Rittenhouse had been charged with fatally shooting two men and injuring a third on the night of August 25, 2020 in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Gun Owners of America tweeted in support of Rittenhouse with an offer to give him an AR-15 after he was acquitted on Friday. “GOA will be awarding Kyle Rittenhouse with an AR-15 for his defense of gun rights in America,” read the tweet. “Join us in saying THANK YOU to Kyle Rittenhouse for being a warrior for gun owners and self defense rights across the country!”

Rittenhouse was carrying an AR-15 style rifle on the night he shot Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, and Gaige Grosskreutz, killing Rosenbaum and Huber. Rittenhouse pleaded self-defense to homicide charges in relation to the shooting, and a jury found him not guilty on Friday.

Many celebrated Rittenhouse’s acquittal as a victory for gun rights, including former President Donald Trump. Donald Trump Jr. joined in on GOA’s call, urging his supporters to sign a virtual card for Kyle. In a since-deleted tweet, Trump Jr. said, “Gun Owners of America is sending Kyle Rittenhouse an AR-15. Sign the card in support of Kyle. Americans have a fundamental right to defend themselves, and to keep and bear arms. The verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is a recognition of those rights.”

Last year, the National Foundation for Gun Rights (NFGR) raised over $50,000 for Rittenhouse to assist with his legal fees. NFGR also made a statement celebrating the not guilty verdict. “When we saw the video evidence of Kyle defending himself and others in Kenosha, WI, NFGR made the decision to support him right away, and we’re thrilled to see that he is now a free man,” NFGR Executive Director Dudley Brown said in a statement.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) tweeted the text of the Second Amendment after Rittenhouse was found not guilty, which appeared to be in support of the verdict, although it did not mention Rittenhouse or the case. 




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