New Hampshire Governor condemns conservative group’s $500 reward for reporting CRT teachings

Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) condemned a conservative group offering $500 to anyone reporting an educator for teaching critical race theory.

Last summer, Sununu signed into law the Right to Freedom from Discrimination Act, effectively banning “critical race theory”, in the workplace and schools. Sununu received criticism from his diversity council, most of whom quit afterwards, which he claimed was “politically charged”.

Earlier this month, Frank Edelblut, the New Hampshire Education Commissioner, announced that the state’s Department of Education had created a form which would make it easier for people to report the violation of the law in schools. If someone filled it out and submitted it, the state Commission on Human Rights would review it and decide the course of action necessary.

Shortly afterwards, the Moms for Liberty New Hampshire chapter tweeted that they would offer a reward to anyone who reported a teacher for this. This week, Sununu criticized the group’s announcement. A spokesperson for him told The Washington Post, “The Governor condemns the tweet referencing ‘bounties’ and any sort of financial incentive is wholly inappropriate and has no place.” 

Moms for Liberty is a national group of moms who have fought mask mandates in schools, questioned books that are present in their kids’ schools, and the implementation of critical race theory in K-12 schools.




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