San Francisco woman arrested for alleged thefts of more than $40,000 from Target

A 41-year-old woman whom authorities described as a “prolific retail thief,” is facing numerous charges for allegedly stealing more than $40,000 worth of items from a Target in San Francisco.

Aziza Graves was arrested at the same Target at the Stonestown Galleria where she is alleged to have been involved in 120 theft incidents. The thefts occurred between October 2020 and November of this year, prosecutors said.

“The suspect in this case has been a particularly brazen and prolific retail theft offender,” San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott said in a statement. “We hope this case — like many others on which we partner with our local prosecutors — sends a strong message to would-be shoplifters that their lawless conduct won’t be tolerated in San Francisco.”

Graves is charged with eight felony counts of grand theft and 120 misdemeanor counts of petty theft. She was caught after Target reached out to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office to request an investigation.

As part of the alleged scheme, Graves used self-checkout kiosks after selecting merchandise from the Target store, authorities said. She would scan the items and allegedly submit cash payments of $1, or sometimes one cent. She would then allegedly leave the store with the items without completing the transaction [FOX].



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