Austin high school removes bathroom stall dividers for ‘safety concerns’

A high school in Austin, Texas removed its bathroom stalls due to the majority of drug incidents occurring there.

Travis Early College High School in south Austin has seen a rise in drug-related problems and”significant behavioral events” this school year. Administrators noticed that around 90% of the drug-related incidents occurred behind bathroom stalls.

After reportedly trying to address the issue in various ways, they decided to remove the bathroom stalls. The number of incidents took a nosedive, and soon there were no drug cases being reported. 

The school’s principal, Christina Steele Hantgin, informed parents of the new policy by sending a letter home. She both explains the new plan that has been set in place, as well as acknowledging her shortcomings in communicating this ahead of time.

“The decision to remove the doors from the bathrooms to the hallways was not taken lightly. I understand that there is some discomfort caused by the loss of some privacy and my lack of communication did not help,” she wrote. 

Hantgin said that one of the previous methods the school employed was locking the bathrooms. However, this was more inconvenient to students. For safety concerns, the administration checked so that stalls were not visible from the hallway.

“My number one priority is safety […] I wanted to identify strategies that would be equitable and effective,” she assured. Nevertheless, parents and students are less than thrilled with this new policy.




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