Trump endorses Michael McCaul, who condemned him over January 6 riot

Former President Trump last Thursday endorsed Texas Representative Michael McCaul (R), who had previously denounced Trump for his actions on January 6.

Trump said in a statement as to why he endorsed McCaul, “Congressman Michael McCaul is doing an incredible job for the great State of Texas. He works hard to protect our Borders, defend our now under siege Second Amendment, and support our brave Military and Vets,” he said, adding, “He will fight for our America First Agenda, stand up to China, and hold Joe Biden accountable for his incompetent failure in Afghanistan. Michael McCaul has my complete and total endorsement.”

This endorsement comes after McCaul voted against the former President’s election fraud claims, being one of many voting to certify electors from Pennsylvania and Arizona. But, back in
January, McCaul did vote against impeaching the former President, saying he did so because the process “was hurried” and he didn’t want “rushed justice”.

Besides endorsing McCaul, the former President also endorsed two other Texas representatives, Reps. Pat Fallon (R) and John Carter (R). While McCaul has criticized The Biden Administration since taking office, his views on the President have not all been negative.

In February, McCaul was one of several Republicans who praised Biden for launching airstrikes on Iran-backed militia members in Syria. The congressman thanked the President for “protecting Americans overseas”. But he did criticize the Biden administration for the Afghanistan withdrawal, stating Biden, “totally blew” the withdrawal (The Hill).


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