‘Life will be miserable’ for unvaccinated people, Australian medical chief says

Dr. Chris Perry leads the Australian Medical Association. Perry was interviewed on TV about vaccines and those who choose not to get vaccinated. He is pushing for Australians to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Oh, they’re crazy not to get vaccinated. Life will be miserable without being vaccinated,” Perry said. “You won’t be able to hide. You won’t be able to get a doctor to sign off that you got an exclusion because there’s quite set rules on that and doctors will be audited to see if every one of their exclusions will be looked at very carefully. They’ll get fined. They can get struck off.”

Perry also said that people shouldn’t consider lying about their vaccination status. “The patients who tell lies can be charged with fraud. There’s a whole pile of issues. A whole pile of problems if you try and get ’round the system,” he claimed. Additionally, doctors who try to work around the rules can also face fines and other punishment.

Queensland residents who break pandemic rules, such as entering a business, will be subject to fines of AU $1,378 each time. The government has encouraged businesses to call the police if an unvaccinated customer enters. “The pubs and the clubs are going to have to find out whether people are vaccinated before they allow them in, otherwise their businesses will go bankrupt,” Perry said. He also spoke on how people would have to uninvite wedding guests who are unvaccinated.

The doctor said he doesn’t expect mask mandates to continue as summer is approaching. However, he foresees the country continuing to require masks for the next few years in public transportation settings, such as airports. But, he also said he thought the country would reopen and disregard mask mandates after 80% of Australians were fully vaccinated.

Australian officials have been pushing citizens to get vaccinated against the virus, but many are hesitant to do so. Perry has taken a new approach to pushing people to get vaccinated. Australia has had around 188,000 of the world’s 252 million Covid-19 cases, but some of the strictest restrictions, including frequent and long-lasting lockdowns.




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