State trooper allegedly caught ex-Gov. Cuomo, married aide DeRosa making out in public

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was allegedly romantically involved with one of his staffers, after rumors spread among staff that the two had been seen making out in public.

Melissa DeRosa worked for Cuomo beginning in 2013. Most recently – until he resigned in August – she was the secretary to the Governor. Cuomo resigned amid a myriad of sexual assault allegations, which may have led to an impeachment trial. Before that could happen, he resigned. Reports have now come to light that Cuomo and DeRosa, who was married, were romantically involved.

A female state trooper who accused Cuomo of sexually harassing her said during her sworn testimony that the two had been seen kissing. The trooper, who maintains public anonymity, was asked if she had ever witnessed anything between Cuomo and a subordinate during a May Zoom interview.

“I had heard from Senior Investigator #1 that he once witnessed the Governor and Senior Staffer #1 like making out on the sidewalk like they were high schoolers,” she responded. She clarified, “Again, he told me this. I didn’t witness this. I wasn’t even here at the time. But that’s what I had heard.”

Later, the trooper said that she had heard other rumors about the two as well. “I heard a rumor that before Senior Staffer #1 [redacted] that the Governor and her were in a hotel room by themselves for like an hour. And then one of the two left the room.” All references to the interaction are blacked out in the transcript. “I had also heard that — again, rumor — I heard that there was a guy named [redacted] here. I don’t know how to spell his last name,” she added.

She also mentioned, “But he,” referring to “Senior Investigator #1, “was driving once and saw Senior Staffer #1 and the Governor like making out. He [Cuomo] was in the front seat. And Senior Staffer #1 was like sitting on the console kissing him.” DeRosa is not mentioned by name in the transcripts, only as Senior Staffer #1. 

DeRosa has denied the claims, even saying that the trooper who testified had tried to extort her previously. “It’s beyond the pale for this trooper, who by her own admission I barely knew — who has already attempted to extort me for money — to make these accusations based on false rumors and for them to be printed in a newspaper,” DeRosa stated. “Not only is this ludicrous, it’s hurtful, and potentially actionable.”

A spokesperson for Cuomo said the same, claiming, “The fact that Tish James included these completely false bottom-of-the-barrel rumors in her selectively released, partially redacted transcripts says more about her character and motivations than anything else.” 

DeRosa recently announced her split from her husband of five years, whom she met while they both worked for Cuomo. Sources said the two had grown apart and haven’t lived together for nearly a year. Their New York home is on the market for over $2 million. DeRosa’s role as secretary to the governor is the most powerful appointed position in New York, according to The New York Times. She was the first woman to fill the role.




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