Saturday Night Live takes aim at vaccine mandate critics Joe Rogan and Ted Cruz in Sesame Street sketch

A segment on Saturday Night Live took a hit at Senator Ted Cruz, podcast host and comedian Joe Rogan, and Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Greene for their opposition to mandating the COVID-19 vaccine.

Last week, the official Big Bird Twitter account tweeted that the Sesame Street character had received his first vaccine shot. In the show, Big Bird is six years old, so the reference was to the fact that anyone aged five or older can now receive the vaccine. Cruz quoted the tweet saying, “Government propaganda…for your 5 year old!”

In the skit, Aidy Bryant, portraying the senator, had opened “Cruz Street” to combat the “woke government”. “When Big Bird said he got vaccinated against this deadly disease, I said ‘Heck No’ and I created my own Sesame Street called Cruz Street,” she said. “As you know, I was mocked for attacking Big Bird on Twitter, simply because I am a human senator and he is an eight-foot-tall fictional bird.”

The show dumbed down Cruz, with the character clearly oblivious to Bert and Earnie’s characters “coming out”. After the duo said, “We are out and proud,” Bryant responded, “That’s right! They are out there everyday proudly fighting the progressive agenda,” later saying, “Their girlfriends are very lucky.” Minutes later, Bryan said the show was sponsored by the letters CRT, referring to Critical Race Theory. “I think it stands for ‘Caucasian rights trampled.”

Later in the skit, Pete Davidson, donning a bald cap, portrayed Rogan. Rogan has said in his podcast that he hasn’t gotten the vaccine and, when he did get the virus, he was treated with ivermectin, a controversial drug. In the skit, Rogan was Cruz’s medical advisor. 

Davidson remarked, “I used to host ‘Fear Factor’ and now doctors fear me,” referring to Rogan giving people medical advice. He also joked, “Today’s two sponsors are the letters ‘S’ and ‘D,’ as in I can S my own D,” referring to both Sesame Street’s letter of the day and Rogan’s recent claim that he can fellate himself.

Cecily Strong played Marjorie Taylor-Greene, toting around an AR-15. She said the episode was sponsored by “Q”, clarifying that she meant the man, not the letter. “He will tell us when JFK Jr., who is alive, will reveal himself and help President Trump reclaim his rightful throne,” she said. “I represent America!”

In addition, Kyle Mooney portrayed a sickly looking Big Bird who claimed to have side effects from taking the vaccine. “My feathers fell out, my nuts got huge and my doink don’t work. It’s real bad, man,” he said. “Maybe the vaccine gave me COVID.”




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