Colorado ‘working’ with indoor venues to institute vaccine requirement, passport programs

Colorado officials are trying to help more indoor venues, specifically in Denver, implement vaccine requirements for customers and employees.

The State Health Department announced this week that it would be taking steps towards assisting indoor venues institute passport programs and vaccine requirements. Officials see this effort as being a step towards increasing vaccination numbers and preventing “super-spreader events”.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis spoke with a committee of the state’s health leaders, where he said the state would be coordinating with cities and venues to implement the requirements. He said that this would be something officials would begin working on shortly, working primarily in Denver at the beginning.

He emphasized the state’s inability to deal with a super-spreader event at present, citing recent public health advisories from counties in metro areas. Many hospitals are claiming to have capacity under 10%, causing them to request backup from the federal government.

At the beginning of this month, a protest against vaccine mandates and passports was held in Fort Collins, Colorado. An estimated 500 people participated, meeting outside the Fort Collins office of the Larimer County health department. Protesters gathered from across the state, and some even from other states. There were several speakers, which included state senators and “notable” conservatives. 

Speaker Julie Formby, the founder of Keep Colorado Free and Open claimed, “The fact that they’re even thinking about vaccine passports means they’ve gone too far, but not only that they’ve taken steps toward vaccine passports.” Another speaker, Del Bigtree, claimed that forcing vaccinations makes humans no different than farm animals. He later added, “The second you cannot get into any place without a vaccine, that’s a vaccine mandate, it’s over. You’ve just lost all freedom.”




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