United States and China agree to cooperate on limiting carbon emissions

The US and China made a joint agreement near the end of the COP26 Summit, vowing to work harder to decrease carbon emissions throughout this decade.

After President Joe Biden called out China for not being in attendance at the climate summit, the two countries have seemingly moved past it to come to an agreement about working towards climate change goals. “Both sides recognise that there is a gap between the current effort and the Paris Agreement goals so we will jointly strengthen climate action,” Xie Zhenhua, the climate envoy for Beijing stated.

In the last days of the summit, while negotiations were being made, China and the US made a joint declaration regarding their climate change efforts. The agreement is focused around reducing methane gases, which John Kerry, special envoy for climate for the U.S. said is the “single fastest and most effective way to limit warming”.

Scientists have warned that sharply reducing emissions before 2030 is vital for preventing extreme global warming. As a result, the agreement has made it a primary goal to implement strong emission reduction efforts in the short-term. 

Kerry, the special envoy for the U.S. is scheduled to meet with Xie next week for bilateral talks. Kerry said the two countries will be meeting regularly to “address the climate crisis”. China and the U.S. are the two largest emitters of carbon emissions among all the countries. “The United States and China have no shortage of differences. But on climate, cooperation is the only way to get this job done,” Kerry said.




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