Nancy Pelosi seen maskless among large crowd at wedding of billionaire oil heiress

Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was seen without a mask while attending the wedding of billionaire oil heiress Ivy Getty in San Francisco on Sunday. California children are still required to wear masks while in school.

Pelosi was the officiant of the ceremony at San Francisco City Hall, and Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom and San Francisco Mayor London Breed were also in attendance. A Vogue Runway tweet showed photos of the couple in front of Pelosi as she married the two.

“Nancy Pelosi officiated, Earth Wind & Fire performed, and Anya Taylor-Joy led the dance floor at Ivy Getty’s over-the-top wedding in San Francisco,” the tweet read. She was quickly criticized, and more photos were posted online showing her and other attendees maskless in a huge crowd.

Johnathan Zachreson, Reopen California Schools founder, told Fox News, “Parents have reached a boiling point. They are just so done, and when you see Nancy Pelosi and these other wealthy individuals’ total disregard for the rule and lack of consideration for what our children are going through, it’s so defeating and infuriating.”

Liz Wolfe, Reason editor, wrote in response to the Vogue Runway tweet, “Gavin Newsom, London Breed, Nancy Pelosi all in attendance, hobnobbing with the maskless hordes, at this extremely posh billionaire heiress wedding. But hey, let’s make sure San Francisco’s kids mask up in schools. Per Newsom’s mandate, students and teachers must wear masks in the classroom regardless of their vaccination status.”

“And why were guests able to do this?” Reopen California Schools tweeted. “Maskless indoors when school dances across California are cancelled and kids must keep masks on 7 hours/day including outside at recess in many parts of CA including SF.”




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