Hunter Biden asked about laptop after celebrating art exhibition at NYC gallery

Following a party Wednesday night celebrating his art exhibit at a Manhattan gallery, Hunter Biden was asked about his laptop.

The New York Post questioned whether he had received the device back after the FBI seized it from a Delaware repair shop in April 2019.

In October 2020, The Post revealed that the laptop of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, had been left at a repair shop, and it contained emails exposing the younger Biden’s foreign business dealings along with explicit photos and videos.

When questioned about if the laptop had been returned to him, he remarked, “There’s always a smart-ass in the bunch.” His wife, Melissa Cohen, jokingly responded, “It doesn’t exist.” Her comment goes against his admission from earlier this year that the laptop could “certainly” be his.

Hunter, his wife Melissa, and their son Beau appeared at the gallery where several of Hunter’s paintings are on sale. Those paintings carry a price tag of up to $500,000 each as concerns have been voiced about influence-peddling.

In order to prevent buyers from holding such influence over the administration, the White House says that the identities of those buyers will be kept anonymous. Walter Shaub, who was head of the Office of Government Ethics under former President Barack Obama, has been critical of the gallery over social media.

Last month he tweeted, “There is no ethics program in the world that can be built around the head of state’s staff working with a dealer to keep the public in the dark about the identities of individuals who pay vast sums to the leader’s family member for subjectively priced items of no intrinsic value.” 

Shaub continued, comparing the exhibition to other political figures: “If this were [Donald] Trump, Xi [Jinping] or [Vladimir] Putin, you’d have no doubt whatsoever that this creates a vehicle for funneling cash to the first family in exchange for access or favors. Nor would you doubt that the appearance of monetizing the presidency was outrageous.”

An art critic named Donald Kuspit commented on Biden and his art saying, “He’s a serious artist. The work is terrific.” He added that no paintings were sold during the opening. 




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