YouTube announces dislike count on all videos will become private

YouTube today announced its decision to make the “dislike” count on videos private across its platform.

YouTube believes the change will better protect its creators from harassment and reduce the threat of what it calls “dislike attacks”, this is situation where a group teams up to drive up the number of dislikes a video receives.

Users will still be able to click a thumbs down button to tune what videos YouTube recommends them according to the blog post, but they won’t see how many other people disliked a video.  Content creators will still be able to use the data, among other metrics in YouTube Studio, to gauge their channel’s performance. The change applies across all of its platforms.

Dislikes can decrease the number of recommendations a creator or video gets, limiting their channel’s reach and potentially their income. YouTube says it found this happens to smaller channels more often and that many users determine whether to watch a video based on the number of likes it got versus dislikes.

YouTube declined to share the specific details or the data collected through those experiments when asked by TechCrunch, however YouTube confirmed that they ran tests for “multiple months” and conducted “in-depth analysis of the impact” as to how the changes affected both users and creators alike.




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