Gov. DeSantis: Immigrant who allegedly murdered father of four ‘was on one of Biden’s flights’

On Monday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis stated that an undocumented immigrant accused of murdering a father-of-four in the state was brought into Florida on a flight facilitated by the Biden Administration.

Yery Noel Medina Ulloa, 24, allegedly killed Francisco Javier Cuellar, who had taken Ulloa in after he had told authorities he was 17.

“So these are flights that are coming in two or three in the morning,” DeSantis told Fox News host Tucker Carlson in an interview. “The feds, of course control the airspace and they’re there on the ground. They take these folks and then they send them in other parts of Florida by bus or other parts of the southeast.”

He added, “And that individual, who was murdered, was, in fact, murdered by an illegal alien who was on one of Biden’s flights, these are midnight flights, unannounced, no notice, no support for the state, no ability for us to veto it ahead of time.” DeSantis asserted, “And if Biden had not been doing that, if he’d been doing his job, that individual [would] be alive today.”

He was referring to Yery Noel Medina Ulloa, who immigrated illegally from Honduras while pretending to be an unaccompanied minor named Reynel Alexander Hernandez; he even told his mother about his plan. He was arrested on October 7 after he allegedly murdered a 46-year-old man, Francisco Javier Cuellar, the father-of-four who had welcomed Ulloa into his home.

When asked what could be done to prevent the influx of immigrants being flown in by the current administration, DeSantis responded that he was looking at options. “I think that they use private contractors. So, what we’re looking at is how can we fight back against the contractors? We can obviously deny them state contracts, which we will do.”

He questioned whether the contractors can be denied access to Florida’s market or if they can be taxed. In closing, he said, “…we are going to go after some of these contractors because they are bringing in people that are causing burdens on us and as we see tragically, caused someone to lose their life.” 




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