Demi Lovato becomes paid promotor for ‘Hub at QAnon’ with video site Gaia

Singer Demi Lovato has become a paid promoter for a ‘Hub at QAnon.’ Lovato directed their fans to a video platform filled with articles about sinister aliens, vaccines, world-spanning cabals, and reptilian overlords.

The singer, who uses they/them pronouns, announced last week that they had become an “ambassador” for streaming video site Gaia. While Gaia’s video collections also include yoga videos, Lovato made clear that their focus was on the site’s conspiratorial content.

“Thrilled to be a @WeAreGaia ambassador,” Lovato wrote in an Instagram post to their 118 million followers. “Understanding the world around us (the known and the unknown) is so exciting to me!”

On a Lovato-themed Gaia page for their fans, Lovato’s supporters can view a free episode of a Gaia show about an “ancient space program” before signing up for a $11.99 monthly Gaia membership.

Lovato’s “handpicked favorite” shows, according to the website, include a series positing that Atlantis was real and that humanity is living in the aftermath of a battle between giants and lizard-like “reptilians.”

Much of Gaia’s conspiratorial content is focused on aliens and UFOs, a topic dear to Lovato, who describes themself as a “UFO experiencer.” A representative for Lovato declined to comment on the record. Gaia didn’t respond to a request for comment.




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