Trump allies Flynn, Miller, Eastman, others subpoenaed by January 6th committee

The committee investigating the Capitol riot has issued six subpoenas to the following: Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security advisor for a brief period; Jason Miller, senior adviser to the campaign; John Eastman, one of Trump’s Attorneys; William Stepien, manager of Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign; Angela McCallum, a national executive assistant to the campaign; and Bernard Kerik, a former New York City police commissioner.

The subpoenas were announced on Monday after being issued by the U.S. congressional committee probing the January 6 riot at the Capitol. Among those subpoenaed were several associates of former President Donald Trump.

Those subpoenaed are expected by the Democratic-led House of Representatives Select Committee to sit for depositions between November 30 and December 13. So far, the panel has issued 25 subpoenas and over 150 witnesses have testified.

“In the days before the January 6th attack, the former president’s closest allies and advisors drove a campaign of misinformation about the election and planned ways to stop the count of Electoral College votes,” commented Representative Bennie Thompson, chairman of the Select Committee.

“The Select Committee needs to know every detail about their efforts to overturn the election, including who they were talking to in the White House and in Congress, what connections they had with rallies that escalated into a riot, and who paid for it all,” Thompson wrote.

Eastman has been under serious scrutiny in particular because he spoke at the rally where Trump gave a speech alleging voter fraud. Eastman additionally wrote a memo detailing how former Vice President Mike Pence could halt the election certification, which Pence chose not to do.

Miller made no comment regarding the subpoena, but Kerik issued a statement saying the committee was trying to “publicly defame” him. Over 670 people have been charged in relation to their participation in the riot. 




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