POLL: Majority of voters reject payout to immigrants, want border closed until crisis fixed

A majority of American voters want to close the border to stop the flow of hundreds of thousands of migrants, and they oppose giving taxpayer-funded compensation to those who entered the United States with children illegally, according to a poll through a partnership of the Trafalgar Group and the Convention of States Action.

The poll found that 67 percent of American voters disapprove of President Joe Biden’s plan to pay settlements to illegal immigrants who were separated from their children. 88.1% of Republicans disapprove of this payment and 45.8% of Democrats disapprove of this payment, according to the poll. 

The poll, taken between November 1-4 with 1,086 likely 2022 election voters, also found that 55 percent of American voters say President Biden should close the southern border until the current crisis is fixed.

“We were not surprised by the election results in Virginia and New Jersey,” Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action, said of the poll. “For more than six months, our polling has consistently found that overwhelming majorities of Americans in all parties are opposed to the insane policies coming out of Washington, DC since Biden came to office.”

“As soon as Americans had a chance to register their views at the ballot box, everyone saw the results,” Meckler said. “For the good of the nation and for the good [of] their own party, the left needs to reverse course immediately and get back to common sense.”

“Halting ridiculous payments to criminals who violated our laws and came here illegally would be a good start, and stopping more of those people from illegally crossing would be another one,” Meckler said. The poll found 31.6 percent of respondents think the border should stay open, and 13.7 percent were not sure.




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