California high school apologizes after defeating opposing team 106-0

The principal of Inglewood High School issued an apology letter after her school’s football team didn’t invoke the “mercy rule.”

Inglewood High School Principal Debbie Tate apologized on Monday to Morningside High School after the brutal defeat on Friday night. Her apology came after the Morningside coach spoke with The Los Angeles Times about Inglewood’s lack of sportsmanship.

Morningside High School Football Coach Brian Collins told the Times that Inglewood had acted in a “classless” way. Collins also alleged that their opponents would not allow a running clock, which was offered after the first quarter, which ended with a score of 59-0.

The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) has a rule where a running clock is used “if there is a point differential of 35 or more points” after the third period or later, which is called a “mercy rule,” in its bylaws. A different rule allows for shortened periods if there is a “mutual agreement of the opposing coaches and the referee.” 

In her letter, Tate apologized and admitted that “We did not conduct ourselves with sportsmanship and integrity and the final score was unacceptable” and that “Friday night’s game did not reflect our best judgement as administrators”. She said that apology was on behalf of Inglewood’s coach, “Coach James” and that they would “we will work hard to ensure that we do better.”

CIF Southern Section, which encompasses much of Southern California, issued a statement and condemned the score and the lack of sportsmanship from Inglewood High School. “The CIF-SS condemns, in the strongest terms, results such as these. It is our expectation that the Inglewood administration will work towards putting in place an action plan so that an event such as this does not repeat itself.”




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