Cornell Professor vows to fail students who improperly wore masks in class

A professor at Cornell University vowed to fail two of his students who improperly wore their masks if other students could help him identify them.

Bruce Monger, an engineering professor at Cornell, sent the students of one of his classes an email asking for their help identifying two of the students in a photograph. A photo of the email was uploaded to Twitter.

Monger was giving a test in his Introductory Oceanography class, where two students in the class were photographed not wearing masks. One was forgoing the mask because he was eating and the other was wearing his mask under his chin. In the email, he described the two students’ appearances and said he needed other students to help him identify them. “If/when I find the identity of these two students, I will be failing both for the semester as I promised I would in class last Wednesday.

Cornell was one of the first schools in the U.S. to require Covid-19 vaccines for their students who would be returning to campus in-person. In addition, students must wear masks while indoors. Failing a student for mask noncompliance is not a policy the school has implemented, instead advising on how to respond to those non wearing masks. It is unclear if the school has addressed the situation yet.




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