Students walkout after gender-fluid student found guilty of bathroom sexual assault

After a gender fluid student was found guilty of forcibly assaulting a female student in the girls’ restroom, students in the county coordinated a school walk-out, where they chanted, “Loudoun County protects rapists”.

On Monday, Pamela Brooks, the Juvenile Court judge on the case, found the student guilty of forcible sodomy and forcible fellatio (RT). The assault took place in May at Stone Bridge High School. The same student is facing charges of assault from a similar situation at a different school, Broad Run High School, which he was transferred to after the initial assault case was reported. He will return to court in November for sentencing.

During the students’ protest on Tuesday, students took issue with the Loudon County schools and school leadership. Students asked questions like, “Why was a rapist allowed in our school?” and “Why didn’t anybody tell us?” (LifeSite News). Others chanted, “We need change. This is BS. We demand change.”

The school district initially claimed that no sexual assault had taken place. The superintendent later took back his initial statement and said that he had only said none had taken place because he didn’t know that any had.

The victim’s father, Scott Smith, was dragged out of a board meeting by police in June and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The National School Board Association used his behavior as an example of the “domestic terrorism” occuring at school board meetings in a letter to the White House.

The organization requested that the president allow law enforcement backup and the FBI to get involved in investigating parents at school board meetings. The letter they sent led to several state school board associations to withdraw from the national organization. The Smith family has demanded an apology from the NSBA.




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