State of Florida to sue Biden administration over federal contractor vaccine mandate

The state of Florida filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration for its vaccine mandate for federal contractors.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been a thorn in Biden’s side this year, pushing back on Covid-19 restrictions and mandates. He’s taken it a step further this time by filing a federal lawsuit.

On Thursday, DeSantis filed a lawsuit, naming Biden and others, such as those from NASA, the General Services Administration, and the Office of Management and Budget, as defendants and the State of Florida as the plaintiff. The suit was filed in a federal court in Tampa, Florida and is 28 pages long. It alleges that the Biden administration has overstepped its constitutional limits by requiring federal contractors to get their Covid-19 vaccination or face termination.

In a statement, DeSantis said of the lawsuit: “The federal government is exceeding [its] power and it is important for us to take a stand because in Florida we believe these are choices based on individual circumstances.” The state is requesting an immediate injunction to the rule, which is scheduled to take effect on December 8.

Biden has mandated vaccinations for federal employees and contractors, which he announced in September. Additionally, he has plans in the works to require vaccinations or regular testing for employees of businesses made up of 100 or more people. In contrast, DeSantis has been a staunch opponent of any sort of Covid restriction at the local, state, or federal levels. He has banned mask and vaccine mandates within the state. Florida is one of the three states with the lowest numbers of new Covid cases.




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