US averaging 79,000 new COVID-19 cases per day, a 22% drop over past two weeks

The number of new Covid-19 and deaths due to the Covid-19 virus have dropped during the last two weeks. With the Delta variant of the virus becoming less of a threat and as more people get vaccinated against Covid-19, cases are on the decline. Experts are “cautiously optimistic”.

Reports show that in the past two weeks, the United States has averaged 79,000 new cases per day (Axios). This number is a 22% decrease from the weeks prior. In addition, during this time deaths from the virus have decreased by 14%, giving an average of 1,600 deaths per day.

Axios posted a map of the U.S. showing which states have had the most and least change among the average number of cases. Hawaii, which is followed by Florida and Louisiana, have the lowest rates in relation to the population size. In contrast, Alaska, Idaho, and Montana have the highest rates relative to its population size. The number of cases in New England is also on the rise.

Currently 57% of the U.S. is fully vaccinated. This percentage is of the entire U.S. population, meaning that the percentage of fully vaccinated among those 16 and up is even higher. This also doesn’t take into account the percentage who are partially vaccinated or have received a booster shot. Officials are hoping to begin vaccinating children soon, allowing the number to continue to increase. 




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