Two Ontario doctors restricted from issuing medical exemptions for COVID-19 vaccine

On Monday morning, the The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario announced that two Ontario doctors had been barred from issuing any exemptions for the Covid-19 vaccine.

The interim order was issued last week. The doctors are Dr. Mark Trozzi and Dr. Rochagne Kilian. The order disallows the doctors from issuing medical exemptions for the Covid-19 vaccine, from wearing a mask (which is mandatory in Ontario), or from testing for the Covid-19 virus (CTV News Toronto). The college is allowed to make this order under 2018 legislation which gives them the power to “suspend or impose terms, conditions or limitations on a member’s certificate of registration where the college believes that the conduct exposes or is likely to expose patients to harm or injury.”

While both have been outspoken critics of the vaccine, Kilian has gone much further in her opposition to it than Trozzi. She has attended and been a speaker at several organized rallies, which the “Grey-Bruce Freedom Fighters” group has organized. In addition, last month she resigned from her role as emergency room doctor as a way to protest how Grey Bruce Health Services has handled the Covid-19 pandemic. Ontario Premier Doug Ford is reportedly satisfied with this restriction for the two doctors; however, others are saying that policing doctors and medicine needs to be implemented.

Last month something similar took place in the U.S. Doctor Dan Busch, a chiropractor in Venice, FL, issued over 100 medical mask exceptions to students in the area. Upon figuring out what was going on, the local school board amended the list of medical professionals who are allowed to issue these exemptions. Now, only licensed doctors, advanced nurse practitioners, and osteopaths are authorized to issue exemptions.




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