Former Secretary of State Pompeo accuses China of deep subversion of the United States

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned of the Chinese Communist Party’s influence within the U.S. in a speech this past weekend. During a speech at the Hong Kong Freedom Beacon Speech Dinner, Pompeo claimed China is targeting federal, state, and local governments within the United States in an attempt to influence intelligence operations. He said he was able to learn about the “operations” while working under the Trump administration.

While Secretary of State, Pompeo said he was able to declassify reports showing that the Chinese government was targeting U.S. governors in an attempt to influence politics in America (Washington Times). Their goal, he claimed, was to shift American policies to be in favor of China. He said this “threat” was not far off, but also did not represent the more than one billion Chinese citizens.

Pompeo went on to talk about how he had gathered 40 U.S. governors in February of 2020 to warn them about the threat of the Chinese Communist Party. The governors were more concerned about policies and what they could accomplish while in office over foreign affairs- that is until they heard about and understood that the Chinese Communist Party “wants you”, said the former Secretary of State.

He claimed: “The Chinese Communist Party is operating right where we sit tonight. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re sitting right outside of this restaurant. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they were in country commission meetings in every county in California. It would not surprise me at all if they were walking the halls of every state legislature all across America.”

In 2020, a “massive spy ring” was discovered within the U.S. operating out of the Chinese Consulate in Houston, TX. Pompeo has spoken out about the threat China and various countries in the Middle East pose to the U.S. He recently criticized Secretary John Kerry for his dealings with China and how this could lead to China taking over Taiwan. 




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