Hunter Biden reportedly said investment from Chinese businessman had ‘everything to do with my last name,’ emails show

Newly surfaced emails reveal Hunter Biden admitting that a Chinese businessman was solely interested in a business deal due to his “last name” and/or his association with his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden.

The Washington Free Beacon reported Wednesday on emails dated 2010-2011 between Hunter Biden and his business partner Devon Archer regarding Che Fung, the head of the Chinese investment company Ever Union Capital, several years before Che was arrested on money laundering charges in Beijing. These emails were discovered on the laptop Biden left in a Delaware repair shop. Reporter Chuck Ross says Hunter wrote in September 2011 that his business deal with Che who was nicknamed “Super Chairman” and “Mr. Che” in other emails had “everything to do with my last name.”

The emails reveal Hunter met with Che in April of 2010 to negotiate a deal with Ever Union Capital to invest nearly $150 million in the Communist regime’s sovereign wealth fund. It is unclear whether this potential deal was ever completed. The revealed emails also reportedly indicate Hunter and business partner Archer saw the business connection to Che as an opportunity to make connections with large financial institutions, such as Blackstone and Carlyle Group, which reportedly sought business deals in China.

“I dont [sic] believe in lottery tickets anymore, but I do believe in the super chairman,” Hunter wrote on September 23, 2011, according to the report. “Things are moving rapidly and the percentage he is offering me is much larger than I at first thought.” Archer allegedly replied: “This can be a serious opportunity. Not only … from an economics standpoint but from the leverage in access it provides with the big boys here in the west who all need China.”

Ross identifies Che as the son-in-law of a former chief of China’s central bank, who was reportedly arrested in February 2015 and accused of laundering $15 billion. In 2016, Archer and a business associate was indicted on charges for defrauded a Native American tribe in a $60 million bond scheme. As for Hunter, federal prosecutors in Delaware are reportedly working with the FBI and the IRS to investigate his finances. Joe Biden said in October of 2019 that none of his family members would have a “business relationship with anyone that relates to a foreign corporation or a foreign country.”




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