Delta Airlines bans Navy Seal, who claimed to had killed Bin-Laden, after on-flight maskless selfie

Robert O’Neill, the former Navy SEAL who claimed to have killed Osama bin Laden, said Thursday that he was banned from Delta Airlines after he posted a picture of himself on one of their planes without a mask.

“I just got banned from [Delta] for posting a picture. Wow,” O’Neill tweeted. O’Neill was apparently referencing a since-deleted photo he tweeted Wednesday that depicted him on a Delta plane without a mask. A spokesman for Delta confirmed the ban to The Daily Wire, adding, “Part of every customer’s commitment prior to traveling on Delta is the requirement to acknowledge our updated travel policies, which includes wearing a mask.”

The comment stoked backlash from many users online, including from Dan Saltzstein, a New York Times deputy editor who wrote, “I don’t know this guy but: counterpoint, you might just be because you’re not willing to sacrifice and be a little uncomfortable for your fellow humans (including that marine behind you)!” Saltzstein later deleted his tweet and honored O’Neill’s for serving his country.

In tweets also since deleted, O’Neill went off on China and the coronavirus, writing, “China told you to wear a mask. Look down… you’re wearing a mask. I’m not.” “Make no mistake.. this ‘pandemic’ was sent to you by China,” he went on, adding, “Do you remember the complete, incompetent morons buying all of the toilet paper? They’re the ones telling you to wear masks now.” “I’m not being rude… I’m just telling you facts,” he maintained.

O’Neill also told his many Twitter followers, “I know more about biological warfare than most of you. We were trained. These dumb ass masks do nothing. Nothing,” and insisted a bandana “does more harm than good.” “I’m not afraid of the mob,” O’Neill eventually wrote after facing backlash. “Come get some.” He also said in a series of tweets, “There is a time to act. Who’s with me?” and “I shook thousands of hands and gave thousands of hugs this week. I flew on some planes. I’ll be alive next week” (Daily Wire).




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