Emerson college suspends student group for distributing ‘China Kinda Sus’ stickers

Turning Point USA’s chapter at Emerson College has been suspended pending an investigation into alleged violations of the college’s Code of Community Standards.

“Effective immediately your organization cannot hold events on campus, this includes but is not limited to hosting programs, meetings and/or tabling,” an Oct. 1 letter signed by Julie Rothhaar-Sanders, the college’s director of Community Standards said. The letter accused the group of being involved in “Bias Related Behavior” and “Invasion of Privacy.”

Turning Point USA Emerson denied the charges, claiming in an Oct. 1 Twitter post featuring a video by the chapter’s vice president that they were criticizing the Chinese government when they had stickers saying, “China Kinda Sus.” The chapter vice president described herself as a Singaporean of Chinese descent.

Turning Point USA Emerson Tweeted the following; “The mob didn’t like our stickers, we don’t like the mob. Emerson admins assigned racist malice to our ‘China Kinda Sus’ stickers.”

“The TPUSA chapter was promoting anti-CCP (Chinese Communist Party) merch and materials,” TPUSA contributor Morgan Zegers wrote, adding, “The CCP has murdered more people than Nazi Germany. The CCP currently has concentration camps and forced labor programs tied to American corporations.”

Turning Point USA spokesman Andrew Kolvat provided further clarity on their stance. “The position of Turning Point USA in this instance is that it is absurd and it’s an overblown overreaction by the university. It’s a knee-jerk reaction,” Kolvet told the Daily Caller News Foundation adding that the graphic was “in no way shape or form anti-Asian, in no way shape or form anti-Chinese people.”

“It is a critique of the Communist Party that rules over China and which is guilty of numerous human rights violations,” Kolvet went on to say. The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to Emerson College for comment, but spokeswoman Michelle Gaseau said, “The College has no additional information to share at this time.”




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