Lego announces plans to remove gender stereotypes from their products

A press release on Monday stated Lego plans to remove gender stereotype from its toys. As a part of the press release, Lego says it will remove labels saying “for girls” and “for boys” on their toys.

The company wants to make sure “children’s creative ambitions—both now in the future—are not limited by gender stereotypes” (People). Lego cited new research found where girls are held back by ingrained stereotypes even when they are confident to engage in all types of play and creative activities. Other companies like Mattel are doing the same thing. 

Studies have shown the types of activities parents put their children in, the toys they give them, and jobs can often be associated with gender (Today). Before this press release, the company commissioned a study by Geena Davis Institute in recognition of the UN’S International Day of the Girl. It also helped launch Lego’s campaign “Ready for Girls” that celebrates girls who enhance the world through their creative problem-solving. 

Another influencing factor could come from a 2020 report by The Fawcett Society found harmful gender stereotypes can limit children’s potential and toys can be a factor (NBCNews.com). The study found 66 percent of parents want to see companies advertise toys to both boys and girls in the same way.

It is also noted this release by Lego comes two days after California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a new state law for large retails stores to offer gender-neutral sections for child-care items and toys. The bill will be enacted into law in 2024.




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