Rep. Adam Schiff says GOP has become ‘an autocratic cult’ around Donald Trump

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said Sunday on CBS’ Face The Nation how the Republican Party has become ‘an autocratic cult around Donald Trump. 

Schiff continued the interview saying the party was “not interested in governing. It is not interested in even maintaining the solvency and creditworthiness of the country.” He went on in the interview to say the party does not follow its ideology it once had and has now become “an anti-truth, anti-democratic cult of the former president.”

He is concerned that he believes another Capitol riot could occur again. He also stated about Republicans of the country that for the next election they are “taking this big lie about the last election and running with it” (Slate). 

Towards the end of the interview Schiff went on to speak about his new book “Midnight in Washington.” He feels as though in the past for hears under the Trump administration that democracy has become threatened.

Stating in his interview “And one of the terrible realizations for me is that so many people I worked with across the aisle who I admired and respected because I believed that they believed what they were saying turned out not to believe that at all, that the only thing that they cared about was the maintenance of their power or position” (The Hill). 




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