Bodycam footage appears to show Minneapolis police celebrating hitting protestors with rubber bullets

New body camera footage shows Minneapolis police appearing to celebrate what one officer called the “hunting” of racial justice protestors with rubber bullets just days after George Floyd’s murder.

A protestor is heard yelling in one video, “We’re unarmed! This is America. We can say what we want,” ABC News reported. An officer then appears to shoot the protestor with rubber bullets. “Go Home,” an officer yelled back from a distance, before they begin firing non-lethal rounds at the individual. “Tonight, it was just nice to hear ‘we’re going to find some more people.’ Instead of chasing people around, we’re going to hunt,” an MPD officer says to another in another video.

“You guys are out hunting people now, it’s just a nice change of tempo,” the officer continues. In another clip, an officer is heard saying “gotcha!” and laughing after shooting a protestor with a rubber bullet.  The video also shows officers fist bumping each other.

The footage was released Tuesday by a Minneapolis court as part of a criminal case against Jaleel Stallings, who was accused of trying to kill police officers, according to KSTP. Stallings, 29, of St. Paul, argued he acted in self-defense, saying he fired three shots from a handgun at an unmarked white van after being struck by rubber bullets, believing he was under attack by civilians.

He surrendered after realizing he was firing at police, while no officers were injured, court documents show. Stallings had been facing two counts of second-degree attempted murder, multiple counts of assault and other charges. Stallings was acquitted of the charges earlier this summer.




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